Current WinTax version: 2020.7.5  

Version 2020.7.5
  Fix some system problems

Version 2020.7.4
  Updated CEWS program to include Claim Periods 1-9

Version 2020.7.3
  Various minor fixes

Version 2020.7.2
  Added encryption option (Company Setup screen) for emailing ‘Pay Statement’ PDF files

Version 2020.7.1
   Implemented CRA July 1, 2020 tax tables

Version 2020.4.8-10
   Covid-19 (CEWS) report features added:
   – option to exclude ‘Pay ending dates’ from the report
   – option to generate a text file for pasting into CRA spreadsheets
   – Show CEWS EI,C/QPP,QPIP employer portion refund (by Claim period).

Version 2020.4.7
   Covid-19 (CEWS) report features added:
   – New way of generating CEWS Report using ‘Pay Ending dates’
   – Select employees to exclude from report (Employee screen)
   – Add Employee ‘Arm’s Length’  status (Employee screen)
   – Add total eligible employees Count, total eligible remuneration
   – Add ‘Monthly’ pay frequency (treated evenly as 4 weekly)
   – Add ‘Semi Monthly’ pay frequency (treated evenly as 2 bi-weekly)
   – Add New Employer EI,C/QPP.QPIP rebate report (for furloughed employees)

Future releases:
   None scheduled

Download Version 2020.7.5

Support FAQ
 Includes Covid-19 reports processing