Problem Solving FAQ

  1. Error codes.
  2. Moving WinTax to a new computer
  3. Adding a New Earning Code

Your problem could be caused by software newly installed on your computer, which might have overridden some WinTax system files.

Try updating Wintax system files and programs below:


and then update(run) the latest version of WinTax below:


Assuming your system will be installed at c:\wtaxpro

1. Install the WinTax 30-day evaluation version from the internet on your new computer using the link below:  


Using a USB flash drive:

  1.  Copy the license file (c:\wtaxpro\app.cfg) from old computer to new computer
  2.  Copy the latest information (c:\wtaxpro\data\*.*) from old computer to new computer
  3.  Copy the backup files (c:\wtaxpro\backup\*.*) from old computer to new computer


 1. Copy C:\wtaxpro and all its sub folders and files (from old computer) to the C: Drive of the new computer (using a USB flash drive)

  1.  On the new computer the setup should look like c:\wtaxpro 


2. On the new computer, install the following WinTax system files:


3. Create a desktop icon/shortcut on the new computer.

  1.   While on the desktop, click the right mouse and choose 'NEW shortcut'.
  2.   Enter or browse for C:\wtaxpro\wintax.exe
  3.   Click Next or Finish to create the shortcut.

1. Click on the toolbar ‘Maintenance/ Payroll Related/ Setup Earnings and Deductions’.

new earning 1

2. On ‘Earnings’ option, pick ‘Other Taxable Pay’ Type from the drop down.

new earning 2

 - Select ‘Other Pay 5’ or an item you are not using (not checked).

 - Click ‘Rename’ button to rename the earning (ex. Waiting time).

 - Click ‘Show/Hide’ button to enable the Earning.

3. Close the screen. Your custom earning should now be displayed on the main screen to be used.

Ordering and Renewing WinTax Pro

  1. Ordering WinTax Pro.
  2. License Processing

WinTax Payroll Software uses internet Bambora service to process orders. The main payment method is by credit card. Orders are for an annual  license to use WinTax Pro and will expire one year after the order date.

What are the different WinTax Pro products I can order and how much do they cost?

WinTax Pro has a 10-employee, a 50-employee license and an unlimited employee license.
All licenses allow for multiple company setup.

How do I pay for the product?

Payment is made using the Bambora internet payment service, which accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards.

What if I do not have a credit card?

You can pay by cheque by emailing support@wintaxpayroll.ca with the request. This manual payment method can take up to a week to process and an addtional $25 service charge will be applied.

How long do I have to wait before I receive the product that I ordered?

An activation code with installation instructions will be email to you immediately, usually within 15 minutes. Check your SPAM folder if you have not received the installation email, because some hosting services like 'Gmail.com' are specially strict on email links. You should email support@wintaxpayroll.ca if you have not receive the 'Installation' email within an hour.

Renewal Orders

What happens when I renew before my license expiration date?

Your new license expiration date will be one year after your current expiration date (not the new order date).

What happens when I upgrade my license from the 10-employee to the 50-employee, or from the the 50-employee to the unlimited license?

You will get a prorated credit for the days left on your current license. Your new license expiration date will be one year after your upgrade date.

What happens when I downgrade my license from the unlimited license to the 50-employee license?

There will be no credit given to you for the remaining time of your license. Your new license will be one year after your renewal date.

WinTax Pro licenses are single user licenses. They are not to be distributed for use by other people.

How do I activate my license?

License is activated thru an internet connection using a 9-character registration ID (ex. ABCD-FRTY) that is issued to you. Use the 'Register' function on the tool bar of the WinTax Pro main screen to activate your license.

How do I check for my license expiration date?

The license expiration date is displayed on the 'Logon' screen and the 'Register' function on the tool bar of the WinTax Pro main screen

Can I change the default Company/Registration name?

Yes, the name can be changed on the 'Company Setup' screen..

Will I be warned when my license is about to expire?

Yes, within 30 days of your license expiration, you will be warned every time you use WinTax Pro.

What happens if my license expires in the middle of the year and I decided not to renew WinTax Pro?

You can still access the pays you have processed but you will not be able to create new pays with pay dates after the license expiration date. You can still download all software updates to allow you to print T4's at year-end.

Software Installation and Updates

  1. Software Installation
  2. Software Updates
  3. Tax Table Updates

WinTax Pro software is developed for a single user laptop or desktop computer using Windows operating system. Internet access is mandatory for software updates and license activation.

What things should I watch out for during installation?

  • During the download process, sometimes your 'Virus' software will prompt you for permission to allow the download. Prompts could sometimes be hidden. Make sure you check the bottom row of your screen for active programs.
  • The default installation location is the C:\wtaxpro folder. We suggest that you do not change this location unless you have enough technical knowledge to do so. Changing the location means you might have to intervene on all subsequent software updates.
  • Some software updates will require you to do a 'Restart' of your computer. Make sure you close all programs and perform the computer 'Restart' to complete the installation.


Where are my files located on my computer?

The following locations are used:

- C:\wtaxpro (WinTax Pro programs and system files)

- C:\wtaxpro\data (Payroll files winpay.mdb and user.mdb)

- C:\wtaxpro\backup (Backups of payroll files WTAX_BAK_date_time.zip)

- C:\windows\... (System files *.dll)


Can I install a second copy of WinTax Pro on my laptop or second computer?

  • You are allowed to install a second copy if you are using the same payroll files. Make sure you synchronize the pay files by doing backups/restores using a transfer device like an USB flash drive.
  • Do not use WinTax on the 2 computers at the same time as it will corrupt your data files.


What can I do if I have no internet access on my computer or if my internet is slow?

Find another computer with good internet access. Go to www.wintaxpayroll.ca and download the software updates that you need onto a transfer device and execute the updates on your computer using the downloaded file from the transfer device.

WinTax Pro updates are provided multiple times during the year. Software enhancements and fixes are offered whenever they are available or necessary. CRA Tax table updates are distributed through a software version update, usually 2-3 weeks prior to the new tax tables take effect. Major CRA's tax tables are issued for January 1 and July 1 each year. There could also be special tax table updates once in a while during the year.

What do the WinTax Pro version numbers mean?

Version numbers consist of a 3-part number (2021.1.1)

- 1st part is the year of the current CRA tax table (ex. 2021)

- 2nd part is the month of the current CRA tax table (ex. 2021.7.1 - 7-July tax table)

- 3rd part is the software version within the tax table year/month version (ex. 2021.7.2 - version 2 of July tax table)

How do I know when a new software version is available?

  • A 'Check Latest Updates' link is provided on the WinTax Pro main screen.
  • If the auto-update option is turned on in WinTax Pro (under the Company Setup screen) , you will be warned that a new software version is available for download. The version update information will tell you what updates are included in the version.
  • Software updates are announced on www.wintaxpayroll.ca


How do I perform a software update?

  • If the auto-update option is turned on in WinTax Pro (under the Company Setup screen) , you will be prompt to perform the software update.
  • You can perform the software update directly from within WinTax Pro by clicking the 'Check Latest Updates' link. Internet access is required for this process.
  • At www.wintaxpayroll.ca, an installation internet link is provided. You will have to download and install the new software version.


How do I know if the installation is successful?

The software version number is displayed on the WinTax 'Log in' screen, and also the 'Register' function on the tool bar of the WinTax main screen.

CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency) updates the tax tables in January 1 and July 1 every year.

How do I know when a new tax table is available?

  • Licensed users will receive an e-mail informing them when a major or mandatory software update will be available.
  • Tax table updates are announced on wintaxpayroll.ca
  • If the auto-update option is turned on in WinTax Pro, you will be warned that a new software version is available for download. The version update information will tell you that the tax table update is part of this update.
  • A program error message will appear if you try to use a cheque date using a new tax table that is not available.


How do I perform a tax table update?

A tax table update is perform through a software version update. Refer to the Software Updates section above.

How does WinTax know which tax year the user wants to process?

All pay records and tax tables of a particular year are made available by simply choosing the 'Tax Year' on the WinTax Pro main screen. Tax year refers to when the employee is paid (cheque date) and not 'pay period ending date' (work dates).

How does WinTax know which tax table (Jan, Apr, July..) of the year to use when processing a pay?

The 'Cheque Date' (Pay Day) determines which month/year version of the tax table will be used. Cheque date also determines which' government tax remittance' payment period the pay belongs to.

How many years of tax tables do WinTax carry?

WinTax Pro carries tax tables starting from 2003 to the current year.

Using WinTax for the First Time

  1. Converting Payroll Information
  2. Creating YTD Adjustment Records

If it is not the start of a new year when you start using WinTax Pro payroll software, you might want to convert the payroll information you have already to WinTax Pro. By converting the data, you will need only to issue one T4 per employee at year-end, and the employee will be able to see the year-to-date totals of the full year. The other important thing is that it will insure that CPP/EI deductions will not exceed the maximums for the year.

There are two options you can select:

1. Convert only the year-to-date totals of the pre-WinTax payroll information.

- You only have to create a year-to-date adjustment record per employee, including terminated employee. Refer to the Creating YTD Adjustment Records section.

2. Convert all details of every payroll record of the pre-WinTax payroll information.

- You have to create every single pay that you have processed during the current year.

- Because every payroll software you used before would have slightly different results than WinTax, you will need create adjustment records for every pay per employee or just one adjustment record per employee to correct the year-to-date amounts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

My payroll information has only one tax amount for Federal and Provincial combined?

Add the Federal and Provincial tax calculated by WinTax, compare the total with your pre-WinTax total, and make the adjustment (plus or minus) to only the Federal tax. On the tax remittances and T4s send to CRA, the two amounts are combined anyway.

For each employee, you can create an adjustment record to change the year-to-date amounts as of any cheque date.

To convert payroll information from another payroll system to WinTax during the year, you can create adjustment records with a cheque date before the 1st WinTax generated pay.

To create an adjustment record for an employee:

  • Select tax year (Ex. 2021)
  • Select employee
  • Use the 'Manual Adj' function (or from the 'Maintenance' menu on the toolbar).
  • Click 'NEW' to create adjustment record and select your desired date for pay period and cheque date.
  • On the 1st column, look for the item you want to adjust
  • Type the adjustment amount (plus or minus) on the next column. Note that the YTD column will reflect the year-to-date amount as of the cheque date.

Backup and Restore Database

  1. Backup Database
  2. Restore Database

Backups should be performed when new pays are created or major changes have been made on WinTax.

When the automatic backup prompt is set up on the 'Company/Setup' screen, You will get the 'backup' prompt upon exiting WinTax.

backup 4

backup 1

On the next screen, you will be prompt for up to 2 locations to save the backup files which are named in the format 'WTAX_BAK_2021_01_25 (12.46.36am).zip'.

The 2nd location is for you to specify an USB drive to store an extra copy of your database. This backup can then be used to recover from a computer hard disc crash which usually will wiped out all your files on your computer.

backup 2

A confirmation message is displayed at the end.

backup 3

Click on the toolbar ‘Maintenance/ System Related/ Restore Database’.
Restore 1

If you can not get into WinTax due to errors, use the Windows Explorer to locate the restore program ‘c:\wtaxpro\ BackupRestore.exe’, and double click (run the program)

Restore 2

- Use the Browse button to select your Backup file

Restore 3

- Type ‘yes’ and click OK to confirm.

Restore 4