About Us

WinTax Payroll Software

Serving Canadian Small Businesses with their payroll needs since 2003

Who Are We

WinTax payroll software is developed by HRIS Consultants Ltd.,  a subsidiary of HR Club Inc. We started with human resources and training software in 1985. Since 2003 we have been specializing in payroll software to serve Canadian small businesses.

Our Mission

We aim to provide easy to use and affordable software for Canadian small businesses. Teaching companies to better understand the employment standards for each province is also a priority.

An easy to read and understand payroll book for beginners is also available for purchase.

Our history


August 17

New WinTax Payroll Website Launched

Launched a new website devoted to the WinTax Payroll software product.
October 28

Easy to understand Canadian payroll book published

Based on questions from our many users, a need for an easy to understand book was needed. The book is a step-by-step payroll guide for small business owners and payroll novices. It contains in-depth information written in simple language. It’s a great compliment to our software!
April 7

Free WinTax Canadian payroll calculator for the web

Due to the popularity of the desktop version a web version was created.
July 10

WinTax payroll software created

Based on the success of the free WinTax payroll calculator that was introduced in the previous year, a need was realized for an affordable Canadian small business payroll software package. Just like the calculator it was intuitive and easy to use that required almost no training.
February 11

Free WinTax desktop payroll calculator for Windows introduced

To help in the education about basic payroll processing concepts a free desktop payroll calculator for Microsoft Windows was introduced. With thousands of users it became a very successful product!
October 21

WinTR training administration software for Windows

WinTR was a compliment to WinHR but was focused on training administration. Course, class and instructor calendars and scheduling was an important feature. Complete employee training history was maintained in an easy to use interface.
May 8

HR Club and HRIS Consultants Ltd. Formed

WinHR software created for the Microsoft Windows operating system. The software had many high end features such as recruitment benefit and salary administration and attendance management.
August 16

HR Hi-Tech training administration software company formed

Was one of the first companies to provide HR and Training administration software for micro and mini computers. Some of our larger customers included TSN, Go Transit, Volkswagen and  Manchu Wok.
September 15

Formed HR Professional Association

This association promoted the use of technology in the human resources field.