The Crucial Role of Employee Handbooks

A Must-Have for Employers As a small business owner, it is crucial to ensure that your employees are well-informed about company policies, procedures, and their rights under provincial and federal law. A clear understanding of expectations fosters a harmonious work environment and protects both employees and the company. To consolidate this vital information, businesses often […]

Gather the Troops

Gather the Troops Why your support staff are so important There are essentially three key roles that need to be filled to set your business up for success: All of these roles need to be played simultaneously by different people with the right talents. It’s all about balance. The Technician This person represents the present […]

Employee or contractor

What will YOUR post-pandemic workforce look like? Canadian employers are hiring again, and many are doing things differently this time. Several mega tends are colliding: the shift to remote workplaces, changing skill requirements to a more digitally savvy workforce, and accelerating retirements among baby boomers. These forces are creating worker shortages in many sectors and […]

WinTax Story

WinTax is the product of over 35 years of professional experience in payroll processing. Robin Lao personally developed and directed the creation and implementation of automated payroll systems for some of Canada’s largest businesses, including Canadian Tire and BMO (Bank of Montreal). Throughout his career, it was clear that small businesses were not receiving the […]

Employee or contractor Part 2 – The CRA six-point test

Employee Handbooks

Last time, we talked about some reasons why companies often like to hire contractors instead of employees, and why many workers prefer to be paid as contractors. Tax treatment and employee benefits are two of the biggest advantages for both sides of the agreement. As you would expect, where taxes are involved, CRA will have something to […]

Expand the Life of Your Business

In the last issue of this newsletter, we discussed the three key roles that need to be filled to create a successful business. They are the Technician, the Manager, and the Entrepreneur. The business owner may have to fill all three roles during the early stages of a company. Today let’s talk about the life cycle of […]

Prepare and avoid panic over year-end payroll!

It doesn’t matter if you are going through the year end process for the first or tenth time. Its always important to understand and master all the tasks to ensure a smooth year.  With preparation, it is possible to remain calm during year-end. Understanding the year-end Entrepreneurs find year-end payroll stressful and often hectic. To close […]

Grow Your Small Business with Digital Transformation

You, as a small business owner, are always looking for ways to make your business more profitable and save money. A digital-first strategy is a trend you shouldn’t ignore. It’s easier than you think to make quick changes in this digital age and transform your business. What is digital transformation? And why should you care? […]

What 4 Traits Every Successful Business Owner Has?

Successful business owners may face a bit of a paradox: “How can I build and grow my business, preserving my company’s unique qualities while following the commonly followed best practices?” The key is in planning! And here are four things you should consider to position your unique business to success: 1. Embrace the goals-setting Yes, […]

Finally! A Solution to the Dreaded Year-End PIER Notice

Have you ever received one of those Pensionable and Insurable Earnings Review (PIER) notices from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)?  If so, you might have experienced the bewilderment, irritation, and anxiety that many employers share. You likely asked yourself — what is this thing?  And why am I receiving this notice to pay more Canada […]