Ontario Employment Standards

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Ontario Employment Standards


Ontario Employment Standards


Statutory Holidays

Minimum Hourly Rates, Hours of Work, Overtime Pay, Rest/Eating Periods

Vacation Entitlement,Vacation Pay,

Pregnancy Leave, Parental Leave, Family Medical, Family Responsibility, Bereavement

Termination Of Employment



Statutory Holidays/Holiday Pay

The chart below is the Ontario holiday schedule




New Year’s Day

Friday, January 1

Saturday, January 1

Family Day

Monday, February 15

Monday, February 21

Good Friday

Friday, April 2

Friday, April 15

Victoria Day

Monday, May 24

Monday, May 23

Canada Day

Thursday, July 1

Friday, July 1

Civic Day *

Monday, August 2

Monday, August 1

Labour Day

Monday, September 6

Monday, September 5

Thanksgiving Day

Monday, October 11

Monday, October 10

Christmas Day

Saturday, December 25

Sunday, December 25

Boxing Day

Sunday, December 26

Monday, December 26


* Not a statutory holiday. Employers may choose to offer holiday pay.


Any statutory holiday that falls on Saturday or Sunday is observed on the following Monday;

Labour Day is observed on the first Monday in September;

Thanksgiving Day is observed on the second Monday in October;

Remembrance Day is not a statutory holiday in Ontario; and

Easter Sunday is not a public holiday but under the Retail Business Holidays Act businesses are required to be closed


The chart below shows relevant information on Employment Standards




Minimum Hourly Rates

As of October 1, 2021

$14.35 – general worker

$12.55 – liquor server

$13.50 – students under the age of 18 (less than 28 hours per week)

$15.80 – homeworkers

Hours of Work

maximum 8 hours daily

maximum 48 hours weekly

employee must be paid a minimum of three hours if called in to work

Overtime Pay

1-1/2 times of regular pay after 44 hours of work in a week

Rest/Eating Periods

in a 24-hour period, a rest period of 11 consecutive hours;

between shifts, eight hours of rest period

in a work week, a rest period of 24 consecutive hours

a 30-minute eating break after five hours of work or this can be split into two 15-minute breaks

Vacation Entitlement

two weeks of vacation time with less than  five years of employment

three weeks of vacation time with five or  more years of employment

Vacation Pay

4% of vacationable earnings for employment less than five years

6% of vacationable earnings for employment of five or more years

Pregnancy Leave

17 weeks or longer of unpaid time off work

Parental Leave

Birth mothers can take up to 61 weeks of unpaid time off work. All other new parents can take up to 63 weeks of unpaid time off work.

Family Medical

Leave is unpaid. It is a job-protected leave of up to 28 weeks in a 52-week period

Family Responsibility

Employees are allowed up to three days per year after they have worked for at least two consecutive weeks.


Allowed up to 2 unpaid days of leave each calendar year because of the death of family members.


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