Ordering WinTax Pro

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Ordering WinTax Pro

WinTax Payroll Software uses internet Bambora service to process orders. The main payment method is by credit card. Orders are for an annual  license to use WinTax Pro and will expire one year after the order date.



hmtoggle_plus1What are the different WinTax Pro products I can order and how much do they cost?


hmtoggle_plus1How do I pay for the product?


hmtoggle_plus1What if I do not have a credit card?


hmtoggle_plus1How long do I have to wait before I receive the product that I ordered?


Renewal Orders


hmtoggle_plus1What happens when I renew before my license expiration date?


hmtoggle_plus1What happens when I upgrade my license from 10 to 50 employee, or 50-employee to the unlimited employee license?


hmtoggle_plus1What happens when I downgrade my license from the unlimited license to the 50-employee license?