Free Canadian Online Payroll Calculator

  • English and French
  • All provinces (Including Québec)
  • CRA and Revenu Québec remittance information
  • Net to Gross pay calculation
  • Business number/SIN verification function
  • Customization of Calculation Results
      • Earning and deduction descriptions
      • Unlimited number of earnings and deductions
      • Position of items on the report
      • Selection of items to print
      • User supplied report description, names
      • Print or save report as PDF file
      • Easy to read report with all rates and limits

Press Release

Free Internet Bilingual Canadian Payroll Calculator

TORONTO, June 30, 2015 /CNW/ –  Since 2003 HR Club Inc. has been providing Canadians with a free Windows desktop payroll calculator. HR Club Inc. is now introducing an internet version of WinTax. As an alternative to Canada Revenue Agency’s PDOC payroll calculator, WinTax is designed especially for small businesses and new payroll users.

It handles calculations for all provinces including Quebec.

Experienced payroll professionals can use WinTax to verify or check against results produced by in-house payroll or other payroll software.

Some of the unique features that WinTax provides are:

  • Bilingual screens and reports.
  • Unlimited user-defined earnings and deductions
  • User control of pay items’ printing
  • Net-to-gross calculation
  • Special deductions include ‘% of Net Pay’ and ‘% of Gross Pay’
  • The calculation report includes company CPP and EI contributions and CRA and Quebec remittance information.
  • Bonus, retroactive pay, and commission calculations
  • Saving and retrieving of screen data

The online Canadian payroll calculator can be accessed at www.wintaxpayroll.ca

SOURCE: HR Club Inc.